ZEN From Chinese word
for "quietude"

TECH From Greek word for
"systematic treatment of an
art, craft, or technique"

Masterfully crafted online systems that come from deep understanding and fulfill essential business needs, instilling peace and confidence

Zentech Advantage

The Zentech Advantage

  • Staff trained and experienced in communication and technical skills
  • Proven design and implementation process = ZenWeb Methodology
  • Proprietary software base = ZenWeb Framework
  • Local development and support staff in Norwalk, CT, USA
  • Secure, managed, local hosting facilities
  • Experts experienced in appropriate business domains and the latest technologies
  • Company experience with many large corporations

The Zentech Commitment

  • Listen to what you really want
  • Partner with you to create a clear Vision of what you want
  • Maintain the Discipline to create and maintain what you want

The Zentech Promise

  • Projects delivered on time and to specification
  • Web sites with industry leading user experience and performance
  • Clients receive timely information about the development and operation of their online properties and have control over the necessary components